I am Prince Eugene James, Motivational Life Coach & Personal Counselor. I specialize in enlightenment and Personal Sustainability.

Before I got into Coaching & Personal Counseling, I was an affluent Computer Technician. But then, I was involved in a serious life-threatening accident, which robbed me of my eyesight! It also left me with many hardships to overcome, including physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. I had to learn how to live a brand-new life, because I essentially lost my old one.

Nevertheless, I overcame! But not only did I learn how to embrace my circumstances, but I went on to write books, to make new friends and professional connections, and I even started my own Life Coaching & Personal Counseling Practice, which has been going strong for an entire decade now!

I got the inspiration to start my practice from the personal hardships and challenges I was facing in the moment. As I began to identify ways to deal with my crisis, I realized that there are lots of other people who are going through similar situations as me. Through this realization, I decided to share my strengths and personal secrets with other people who may be struggling with hardships as well.

This is how I learned firsthand, that it’s never about the hand that life deals you! But it’s always about how you play that hand that life dealt you. So I decided to embrace my hand, and make the best out of it!

I now travel all around the country, giving inspirational lectures, providing one on one Coaching & Counseling services to repair broken spirits, restore damaged souls, and to rejuvenate exhausted minds that have been struggling with hardships for years! There’s no reason to go through life sad, depressed, miserable, and defeated!

I’ve developed an extensive professional client base, which includes doctors, entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Home Providers, members of clergy, attorneys, social workers, police officers, real estate agents, and the list continues to grow! This is because I serve people, not a profession. Behind every profession, is simply a person!

My mission is to sustain the well being of life, by speaking positive empowering words into people’s ears, and by providing personal counseling sessions to help restore peace and joy in the lives of people struggling with personal hardships.

I have also written many magnificent, self-empowering articles, all centered around growth and development, and personal well being. You won’t find these fabulous articles anywhere else, because they are exclusive to this website! Please take the time out to read and understand some of them! THE ARTICLES OF ENLIGHTENMENT are guaranteed to add something of great value to your life!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank You.

Photo Of Prince Eugene James - Motivational Life Coach & Personal Counselor

Photo Of Prince Eugene James - Motivational Life Coach & Personal Counselor